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Advance Search

Rusbiz Advance Search allows you to generate more precise results by creating specific queries. You can combine any or all of the advance features to seek out the results you want.

Word or Words Search: You can search by a keyword or phrases. You can broaden your search results by writing only a part of the keyword or words.
Search By: You can perform search either by Product Name or by Manufacturer Company.
Search In: Allows you to make your query in all or specific place of Rusbiz portal. You can choose from Catalog, Marketplace and/or all of them.
Choose Product Location: You can search in All countries or in a specific country.
Search Condition: Allows you to make the followings:
 Exact Match: Results must contain these exact words in the order you typed them.
All of these Words: Results must contain all of the words you list here. This works best if you use specific words and avoid very common words such as "at", "for" and "to".
Any of These Words: Results must contain at least one of the words you type here. For this feature to work, you must enter at least two words.
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