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You can view offers by following orders.

Category: By one of the E-catalog main category.
Posting Date: By various time limits.
Type: By type of the offers. There are two different types of offers. Hot and Simple. Hot offers are special offers with time constrain.
Product Location: By the location, where the product is physically located.

Offers List
Hot: Indicates that this offer is a special offer with end date.
Product Name: Name of the product as per E-catalog. Click on to view complete specification.
Expiry Date: A hot offer has an expiry or end date.
Unit Price: Price per unit.
Min Sale Quantity: Pieces in a single lot. If the value is bigger than 1, all your purchase will be multiple of this value.
Supplier: Click on to see the profile of the product supplier.
Product Location: Physical location of the product, from where shipment will take place.
Details: View the details of this offer, i.e. terms of sell and methods of payment etc.
Add to Cart: Select the item(s) and click on this button and proceed to make purchase orders for the selected item(s). To check out click on the "View Cart" link, located at the top right of the page.
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